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sparklingwatermelon_signOur team was honored to have been invited to participate in the International Foodservice Editorial Council (IFEC) Land of 10,000 Tastes Chef Showcase. The icing on the (watermelon) cake? Being able to partner with the National Watermelon Promotion Board to create a savory watermelon inspired dish!

“The National Watermelon Board challenged us with breaking the mold of Watermelon as a summer food. How can we make Watermelon an all-season food while still having fun with it’s characteristics?” – John Chesnut, Executive Chef

20161026_185906-1The result? A carbonated watermelon with herbs, pickled watermelon rhine, and added ash salt to give the appearance of seeds, displayed in a cake made from watermelon!

“We are seeing more chefs take advantage of the whole watermelon using the flesh, seeds and rind. Chef John’s Sparkling Watermelon highlighted the rind as a pickle as well as the flesh as a cube but also juiced in the watermelon sauce. The recipe reads like a story – a delicious and beautiful watermelon story!” – Megan McKenna, Director of Foodservice and Marketing



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