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CRAVE Catering in Minneapolis selected and surprised the winner of our $10,000 wedding giveaway contest last week! For those of you unfamiliar with the contest, future brides were given the opportunity to enter to win our $10,000 wedding credit toward their dream wedding. Our dedicated planning team met with several brides to-be and created customized event plans that were used as a submission into the contest. No commitment or purchase was necessary to enter. We caught the surprise reveal on video:

We asked our winner, Meghan Flaagan, a few questions:

Did you ever expect to win the 10,000k giveaway? 

Never!  I never win anything.  I just filled out the online form one day and then dismissed it, thinking someone else would be the lucky recipient.

What was your initial thought after the big reveal?

Complete shock.  When the group first came out with the balloons and check, I don’t know that I had a coherent thought in my head.  I was so surprised!  After a few minutes, the only thing I could think of was Jeremy (my fiancé) is never going to believe me when I call him.

Can you give me a couple tentative ideas on how you would like to use the gift?

Right now we’re thinking of upgrading our entrée’s, including some additional seafood hors d’oeuvres, doing a unique late night snack, and are also looking at some fun favor ideas for our guests.

What would you say to a bride that is considering signing up for the next 10k contest?

Do it!  It only takes a few minutes and, who knows, you might win!

Why did you choose to use CRAVE Catering for your wedding?

CRAVE Catering has a lot of menu options, the food tastes great, and Noelle and the CRAVE staff have been awesome to work with.  So it was an easy choice for us!

There you have it folks! Keep an eye out for our next 10k wedding giveaway and be sure to contact us with any inquiries for your wedding or upcoming event!

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