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Dorothy and Savio’s 500-person wedding reception at Muse Event Center celebrated the union of two families with a traditional 8-course family style Chinese-inspired menu.

The couple came to us with a list of obligatory multi-coursed traditional wedding reception dishes suggested by a family friend. The goal: a one-of-a-kind menu that honored their Cambodian and Vietnamese heritages. Typically, we are tasked with creating traditional American style menus, so our team jumped at the opportunity to fulfill the couple’s unique vision. We collaborated with the couple to create an authentic and intriguing taste presentation for the celebration. It was important that we stayed true to family tradition while maintaining our dedication to sourcing fresh ingredients and creating modern cuisine. Our culinary team developed the recipes from scratch, sourcing rare ingredients, and testing and perfecting dishes representative of the cuisine of both cultures.

The result: a beautiful expanse of Chinese dishes, serviced as an 8-course family style meal that both upheld cultural tradition and maintained our core value of delivering fresh and modern cuisine.

  • The first course was Cantonese crab and corn soup. We combined Minnesota sweet corn and Chinese snow crab with a chicken stock spiced with star anise.
  • The second course vegetable bird’s nest was a feat of gastronomic engineering. To create each nest, potato was shredded, molded, and lightly fried. The nests were filled with a light stir-fry of imported mushrooms and fresh produce.
  • The third course of beef and broccoli was served in a rich sauce of oyster, hoisin, and unagi, studded with bright green broccoli spears, carrot strings, and spun watermelon radish.
  • Fourth, fried rice with Lap Cheong sausage was presented in a balance of sweet and spicy. This dish was garnished with celery frizzle and edible orchids.
  • Next up, a roast duck was delivered, situated with fragrant scallion grass and golden beet “flowers”. The traditional accompaniment, mantou buns, arrived in bamboo steam baskets.
  • The savory entrees concluded with a flash of red: the lucky color in Chinese culture. Maine lobster was dredged in seasoned corn flour and combined in a stir-fry with ginger and green scallion. We plated the whole crustacean along with enoki mushrooms and orchids, which added whimsy and crunch to the dish.
  • The seventh course was designed to cleanse the palate: we presented an eye-catching display of fruit. Melons were served with red and green grapes in bite-sized pieces. Guests were encouraged to skewer their own fruit kebabs with picks included in the display.
  • Lastly, a simple, lemon and vanilla multi-layered cake, garnished with fresh flowers, finished the meal.

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The couple was delighted to see their vision come to life in the menu. The event was seamless; our seasoned catering team reacted quickly to the serving style and party’s needs. The guests enjoyed the service and presentation of the banquet, and table décor, all hand made by our team. To complete the experience, two bands played while dinner was served: one Cambodian, the other Vietnamese.

Watch the couple’s wedding story come to life:

Photo credit: Noah Wolf

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