Inspired, Innovative, and Intriguing: CRAVE Catering at Enticing Entertainment Open House

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When Enticing Entertainment approached us to create the menu for their open house at Aria, we jumped at the opportunity. After some brief discussions, we settled on a theme of high art combined with a multicultural palette. How did we pull this off using just food? Read on.

The open house started in Aria’s lovely pre-function space. A woman’s long red dress turned into a red carpet that rolled down the room. Stoic golden statues adored the entryway and offered hors d’oeuvres to incoming guests. Time into Pixels provided their signature Live Instagram Printer, which would print any Instagram photo tagged #EEOpenHouse! You bet we snapped a few shots.

As we marveled at all of the performers walking among the guests, we munched on our Executive Chef’s creations (you know, just to make sure they were tasty—it is our job as CRAVE Catering employees). The coriander crusted lamb meatballs served with spring pea tarragon puree were to die for, and the gorgeous bi-colored gazpacho shooters were equally delicious. However, our chef’s latest creation, the Gehry Egg blew us away the most! Inspired by the architectural feats of Frank Gehry, parmesan custard foam was garnished with caviar and a prosciutto shard inside of a delicate silver egg shell. Delicious, beautiful, and intriguing, they drew choruses of “oohs” from guests!

As Aria’s main room opened up, guests were greeted first by belly dancers and roller skating contortionists. Then when they looked up, they were greeted by aerialists and trapeze artists! At this time, champagne was being poured by women hanging upside down by their knees, and the second round of CRAVE Catering food was rolled out! Starting with CRAVE’s signature Mediterranean Relish platter and coconut curry chicken satays, guests then moved on to try African Bunny Chow (toasted bread filled with curried goat), mini ramen noodle bowls, and delectable German pretzel rolls filled with Kramarczuk’s sausage, garnished with mustard and cornichons. As guests ate, attention was drawn to the stage where Enticing Entertainment began a steampunk themed circus performance featuring dancers and aerial silk artists.

After a few performances, it was time for dessert! We began by trying the Spoon Bridge Cherry (a combination of preserved cherries, candied herbs and vanilla bean cream), inspired by the iconic Minneapolis sculpture by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. Then we moved on to the Light Show (tutti frutti flavored) Marshmallows, dipped in edible glitter. As the fire artists emerged onto the stage, our chefs fired up CRAVE Inferno Corn, sriracha infused caramel corn tossed in liquid nitrogen! Though it was hot, it really cooled us down as we watched a performance featuring fire aerialists, fire–hoopers, and fire dancers! Finally, as we enjoyed Enticing Entertainment’s Gatsby-inspired performance, we munched on Opera Cakettes and Pirouette cookies filled with mousse, molded into cigar shapes!

As we walked among the groups of people, we were delighted to overhear conversations about not only the success of our food, but how well it complimented the eclectic theme of the evening! We were delighted to put together this event-specific menu!

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