11+ DIY Watermelon Party Ideas

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Monday, August 3rd, is National Watermelon Day.

Yes it’s a thing, and we love it! Watermelon-lovers everywhere are taking the week by storm. Don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to throw a watermelon-inspired summer bash!

This is your How-To guide for the ultimate watermelon party.

Let’s talk watermelon, the iconic summer treat. Refreshing. Just enough sweetness. A time-capsule of flavor that brings you back to your childhood every time you eat it. And it’s perfect for summer parties! From decor to drinks and desserts, everyone’s favorite melon is now your new party-planning best friend!

It all started with napkins…

We saw these napkins and instantly fell in love with the idea of a summery, watermelon-themed DIY party. Their creator couldn’t have said it better: “The cutest watermelon print napkins you ever did see!”

SweetestOccasion_WatermelonNapkinsThe Sweetest Occasion: DIY Watermelon Print Napkins

And so easy to make, too! Get the kids involved and make it a family project.

“They’re equally-perfect for parties and weeknight dinners, while adding a little punch of something cute and summery to your patio table.” If you’re feeling extra crafty, use the same technique on tablecloths!

LayersofHappiness_WatermelonSaladLayers of Happiness: Balsamic Watermelon Feta Salad

“Fresh spinach and arugula, super sweet watermelon, crunchy almonds, and the feta. Oh my gosh the feta makes the salad. Oh, the salty, creamy tang that makes my tastebuds go wild. Seriously. Don’t judge until you try it – I promise you will have the same reaction.”

Well then.

eHow_WatermelonDoormatDream Green DIY: Watermelon Stamped Doormat

If you couldn’t get enough of those watermelon print napkins, no worries! Dream Green DIY’s Carrie Waller brings you this adorably-simple DIY doormat, and BONUS: you can use the same art materials you used for the napkins! Win-win. Give that boring ol’ doormat a makeover, and give your guests a welcome they will really remember!

BitesofBri_WatermelonBitesBites of Bri: Watermelon Feta Mint Skewers

The watermelon-and-feta combo is back, now in the form of the perfect summer appetizer!

“A no-cook recipe for you today that is the perfect summer appetizer. Light, refreshing, healthy, and did I say no cooking is involved?”

HouseLarsBuilt_WatermelonDoormatThe House That Lars Built: Fruit Welcome Mats

YES. The welcome mats are back, and this time we’re kicking it up a notch! We love the idea of re-purposing an old outdoor mat and turning it into these beauties.

“Plus, once you cut it in half, you get two mats for the price of one. Score.  It’s so easy and would make a great weekend project.”

Taste&Tell_WatermelonIceTaste and Tell Blog: Watermelon Ice Cubes

Why have we not thought of this before?!

The perfect way to perk up your drink with just a little sweetness, without a ton of added calories! Great for sparkling waters, lemonade, lemon-lime soda, or even plain ol’ water. Bonus: frozen watermelon by itself is delicious! “I couldn’t stop just stealing frozen chunks from the freezer!”

ColorMeMeg_WatermelonPinataColor Me Meg: Watermelon Pinata DIY

“There is just something about a hot summer day and cold watermelon slices.”

We love this quote AND this piñata! Whether you’re 4 or 40, there’s something about a piñata that brings life to a party.

CincyShopper_WatermelonCupcakesCincy Shopper: Watermelon Cupcakes

Before you start wondering what a watermelon cupcake would taste like, don’t. These are classic white cake cupcakes, all dressed up with watermelon flair! Hint: the “seeds” are actually chocolate chips!  Cute, easy-to-make, and a guaranteed hit with kids.

“Full of fun colors that are sure to be a hit at your summer bbqs. They are a quick, easy and fun summer dessert.”

CookingClassy_WatermelonLemonadeCooking Classy: Watermelon Lemonade

Other than watermelon, lemonade definitely tops the list of refreshing summer treats! It only makes sense to unite the two!

“Totally irresistible and the watermelon and lemon flavor combination pairs perfectly together.”

PinkWhen_WatermelonMasonJarsPink When: Summer Mason Jars

An easy, relatively-inexpensive way to decorate and add a pop of color to the table settings!

“I love the way the jars add some color to the outdoor table. I filled them up with plastic utensils, but you could also add some fresh flowers or other items for your table.”

SoapboxCreations_WatermelonCardSoapbox Creation: Watermelon Card

The watermelon fun doesn’t have to stop after the party ends – send thank you’s with this sweet-and-simple card that you can easily re-create with a blank card and construction paper!

Equally-perfect if you’re a party GUEST, and you’re looking for a way to thank your host for throwing such a sensational summer party!

CRAVE-ing More?

Check out Chickabug’s incredible watermelon-themed birthday party for more inspiration!

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